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Horsman plumbing is a family run business by Steve and Jane Horsman for over 20 years. Steve Horsman has a Advanced Certificate in plumbing and has been a qualified plumber for over 30 years.

Dale Symmons a recognised valued employee over many years has proudly become one of the Directors along side Steve and Jane.

Dale’s expertise is in new homes, renovations and gas plumbing along with backflow he is a highly qualified plumber with 10 years experience in the industry.


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Horsman’s Plumbing & Gas are a family owned and operated business. Horman’s have been operating for approximately 30 years, with no job being too big or too small for our team. The business is managed by partners Dale Symmons and Steve and Jane Horsman.  Our team can provide all types of Plumbing and Gas services, including replacing old lines and inserting new hot water systems.


We pride ourselves on our excellent service and the efficiency in which we operate. Our team will always support you after the work is complete and we ensure you that we will provide the best options for your plumbing or gas needs.  We have the ability to provide the most up to date service to your residential or commercial property. We have seen many changes in the industry over the years and have always move with these new technologies.



Horsman’s Plumbing & Gas are a very experienced provider of gas plumbing solutions. We are highly regarded in our field and have several qualifications including  Class 1 Gas Fitter License. At Horsman’s Plumbing we are accredited with Gas Networks, which allows use to apply for any of the latest rebates that are available. Additionally, we ensure that all of our work is carried out according to the correct sizing and regulations, and we provide a certificate of compliance with all Gas Jobs. All of our plumbing team are equipped with the latest B press tools and have access to oxy if required.


Over the years’ we have been able to service and provide a wide range of Gas Plumbing, including installing gas lines for new homes and replacing old Gas lines in domestic houses. Other services that we provide include the replacement of hot water services and the installation of new gas cooking appliances.

New Homes / Renovations


Horsman’s plumbing & Gas are specialists in inserting plumbing into new homes. We operate and complete jobs appropriately from the beginning to the end. Additionally, we provide SA water inspection where required. Many builders have established us as their preferred builder, we are well known in the industry and many builders recommend us to others in the industry. Additionally, your first quote with us will be provided free of charge.


Our team uses a Kuboto digger and are efficient in completing the job. We are known to complete the work on time and with our experience, you can rest assured that your job will be completed the highest of standards. Horsman’s Plumbing & Gas are also recognised as the preferred provider of the installation of Ikea products. For example, in any given week we will insert 10 kitchens.

Hot Water


At Horsman’s Plumbing and Gas, we are very experienced in providing Hot Water services. Our team has extensive knowledge in the area and have also been Service agents for Dux Hot Water for many years. We are always training members of our team in servicing hot water units and keeping up to date with the latest changes to hot water units in the market.


The team at Horsman’s Plumbing & Gas are well equipped to complete the installations and replacements of most of the well known brands of heaters. We are licenses to to carry out work and can also provide a temporary hot water unit, in the situation where you need to find a replacement or are waiting for services to be complete.



Horsman’s Plumbing & Gas are well equipped to tackle any renovation and have the ability to work with the owner to meet any of your requirements.  We can provide you with any hot water services that your may need, such as a temporary hot water unit whilst you wait for the installation of a new unit.  We aim to complete our services on time and will finish the work to the highest standard.


Our team will always be able to recommend a builder, whom they have worked with for many years, in order to complete your renovations. We are highly regarded for our services.

General Maintenance


Horsman’s Gas & Plumbing are extremely experienced in maintaining gas and plumbing on property’s. Over the years our team have come across most, if not all, of the issues associated with blocked drains, smelly drains, burst pipes, breachers, gas leaks, blocked storm water lines, hot water services, leaking taps and mixer taps. So we will be able to provide the best service and advice to you.


Additionally, our team can also service your gutters, clean and replace them if required.  We have been working in plumbing for nearly 30 years, so you can rest assured that we will provide you with fast and efficient service. We know what we are doing and aim to provide the best service.


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